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OpenPro New Module Press Release

December 10, 2013: For Immediate Release-OpenPro's Mobile Management Software Now Available


OpenPro ERP software provides many industries with secured enterprise-wide Mobile management software solutions to maximize control over operations and better service customers.

Some of the industries OpenPro currently provides this service to include: Airline, Automotive, Banking and Finance, Restaurants, Food and Beverage, Health Care, Insurance, Location and Navigation, Distribution, Media and Entertainment, Real Estate, Retail Point of Sale, Service (repair, maintenance) and Marketing.

OpenPro's Mobile solution is ideal for operations that need a quick response time, visibility of operations from anywhere, extensive tracking capabilities, as well as extensive security of company information.

Our Mobile management software is designed for high volume transaction processing and work with large amounts of data. We have customers who distribute up to five million different products. OpenPro has built-in bar coding, serialized tracking, and even interface with RFID.


OpenPro's Mobile management software includes the following modules:

- Order Entry: designed as a fast processing method for filling and shipping orders according to inventory availability; provides a direct link with the Accounts Receivable and Inventory modules; and, on-line queries show status of an order and whether a shipment is on hand, back ordered, or committed.

- Inventory Control: tracks product usage, costs, and maintains mobile inventory at optimum levels.

- Purchasing: multiple features included; both inventory and non-inventory Purchase Orders can be entered manually on a Purchase Order form, which includes vendor information, product specifications, shipping information, and billing terms.

- Warehouse Management: uses a wireless bar coding system to keep your inventory accurate up to the minute; runs on all devices and backed with SQL database; Open Architecture integrates with most all portable bar coding units.

- Retail POS: provides several different industries with a retail POS system for Wholesale Order Entry, Restaurant management, Delivery services, Repair Services, filling and shipping orders according to inventory availability.

- Marketing Program and Available to Promise: Get the product to the customer on time and when promised; when the order is entered in, you can let the customer know exactly when the product will be delivered.

- Customer Relationship Management: includes Knowledge Base look-ups, Mobile Customer Service Management, Incident Reporting, Portable wireless connection and Paperless Work-flow reporting.

- Custom Applications: with 10+ years of experience and hundreds of completed mobile applications, we can create a new custom application for you and your organization quickly and for very little cost.

Contact OpenPro For more detailed information about OpenPro's Mobile and Supply Chain Management software, please visit our website. If you have further questions about OpenPro ERP software and how our software can help you maximize control over your operations and better service your customers, please contact our customer service department: infoop@openpro.com

About OpenPro

            OpenPro is the market leader in open source-based ERP software, delivering web-based ERP software solutions to small and mid-sized companies and international enterprises since 1998. OpenPro offers a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution, including financials, distribution, manufacturing, CRM, e-commerce and advanced system functions such as workflow and document imaging. OpenPro is built using open source technology, so costs are typically less than half of Windows-based ERP software. OpenPro customers reflect almost every major market segment, from manufacturing to service, government to non-profit, and traditional to e-commerce retail. OpenPro is built using LAMP technology and runs on any platform, including Windows PC's, Unix, Linux, MAC OS X, Mini computers and mainframes. OpenPro can also run with all major SQL databases. OpenPro has over 75 independent distributors across the United States and internationally to help customers implement its business solutions.

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